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Tumblr ask: What are your ships?

Long list, baby. Strap in.

First ship to ever ship? Spock/Kirk. Took a while to rekindle my Star Trek obsession, but ever since the reboot it’s back with full force.

After that came Moulder and Scully. Yeah, I know het, but they belong together, ok?

Then already Steve/Tony, followed almost immediately by Charles and Erik from X Men.

Then Clex from Smallville, although after Lex turned into a huge asshole, I started shipping Clois. I shipped them also in the 90 series ‘The new adventures of Lois & Clark’ if any of you crazy kids these days still even remember that series. I would neither call Clex nor Clois my OTP because I can ship them individually, not together.

Also Max and Alec from Dark Angel, another het OTP.

Then we have Holmes/Watson, though in the Elementary version, I do ship Jamie Moriarty and Sherlock, mainly because Natalie Dormer is sex on legs and has properly whipped Sherlock. Which brings me to my only (?) femslash OTP Sansa Stark and Margery Tyrell.

Then of course there are a few others from A Song of Ice and Fire that I ship. Jorah Mormont and Dany. Brienne and Jaime.

Also Doctor/Master, at most during the third Doctor era. Let me tell you: MARRIED! Not so much when someone *cough Moffat* decided to make the Master female and made the ship canon in the most homophobic way possible. In Doctor Who spin offs, obviously Jack/Ianto.

And then something that only came from the movies, Harry/Draco. Poor Draco deserved better and I’d have written the end of his story differently, but ok.

Which finally brings me to the OTP to rule all others: Destiel. A ship that alongside Spirk and Stony will be with me until the day I die. My biggest obsessive OTP and to this day with a wordcount of over 500k words in fanfiction.

OTP in my book= ONE true pairing. No others allowed, nobody in between.

Which brings me to my NOTPs. Quite simply, anything that involves one of my babies with anyone else. Stucky, Sastiel and Wincest are the ships that I love to hate. I’m not ashamed of my hate for these ships. I don’t hate the shippers, I don’t tell people not to ship it, but I wanna burn the ships alive and dance on their graves.

Also, I have this thing about non canon LotR  and hobbit ships. Thranduil/Bard, Aragorn/Legolas, Sam/Frodo (!), Bagginsshield, and Kili/Tauriel. Just because you like the look of the actors together doesn’t mean it’s a legit ship, people. Grow up.

And at long last real person shipping. (I admit, I do.) Jensen/Misha, Chris/Zachary, Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr./Chris Evans, (yeah, I know, put RDJ somwhere and there’s a ship), Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy, Ian McKellen/Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen/Derek Jacobi. (Yes, older people can be shipped as well. Love at every age, not just when they’re young and hot.)

And I think that’s it. I admit, it’s a rigid system, but then my ships stick around for years and I’m not so impressionable that I need to read tons of fanfic about this or that which won’t even be there in the next movie.

And obviously, each ship stays in it’s own universe. When I read Misha/Dean in the tags as well as Destiel? I’m out of there with super speed.

Might not be the general consensus about shipping on this website, but hey: At least I read way less garbage than other people.

And now I’ll stop before I detail who is my designated bottom in each ship because that’s crazy important to me as well. It’s happened that I read tags and I go like: “Nope. He’s not the bottom. Bye, loser.”

And that is the perfect last word for this cray cray long post as well. Sorry for the stern words, but shipping brings out my inner wolf. If anyone got to the end of this tl;dr, then you get a price. Here it comes: *Hug* Because you know:

Fic Masterlist

An unusual Self-Portrait series. Destiel, Rating R. Executive Dean, Artist Castiel. Age Difference and Daddy Kink.

I will always hold you tight. Retelling of season 5 Supernatural. Destiel.

Seduction Destiel. Teen Cas wants his best friend's father. Warning: Underage.

Between Heaven and Hell Destiel, Spn/Star Trek fusion

Not your Typical Alpha Destiel A/B/O, ongoing series

Nothing can compare to when you roll the dice Destiel, kink meme, sex dice curse

You're going home with me Destiel, Prof!Cas, barowner!Dean

The Ship of Dreams Destiel Titanic AU fix it

Purrfect Boy Destiel spn masquerade prompt, kittenboy Cas

The Sex Toys Verse Destiel

Confession Time Destiel, (fake) priest!Dean, choirsinger!Cas

Heatflares at 104 Degrees Destiel, a/b/o

A fellow writer is working on a huge ass long Destiel story,  but in one of the first comments she got she declared that she actually doesn't ship it, but ships Wincest instead.
Is it just me or is that fake? She probably only writes this pairing to have more people read her stuff. And then she wants to promote other authors in her limelight?  Pffft, she's abusing my babies for her own means.
I mean I write them, and I hope that people read it and I get more famous with every story, but at the end of the day, they're still my babies and I write them because I enjoy it, want them to be happy and want to bring people joy at the same time.
If I ever get famous or *gasp* published, that’s just gonna be an added bonus.

At least that seems to be working.

Another note to self. Figure this out before you try next. Anonymously posting something isn't really working on puny app or in puny mobile browser. *blows steam out of nose* I'm NEVER at a PC and just access this via mobile, fuckibg damn it.

Why do apps always ALWAYS suck?

Tumblr, Facebook and livejournal too.

At least now I know.

I need some smallville to calm down. At least nobody's reading this shit anyways.

Puny humans with their puny technology. Aka me having watched way too much Hulk and Team Smash.

Smash it all, puny little shits.

#peace out

#livejournal tags suck too

May. 4th, 2015

Somebody save me. Anonymous commenting is apparently for the weak and even when you delete a tag the journal doesn't recognise that and just leaves it in.

Been on this thing for ages and still not gettin' it. Holy moly, mighty slow there, self.

Memo to self

Never write final scene while listening to The Cure on repeat. It will (!) turn out soppy and romance crappy.

#WriterProblems #Again

Having to wash your hands after every chapter because otherwise the keys stick to the hands. If you notice some walking around with asdfg on the one hand and hjkl keys plastered on the other, do not engage combat. It's simply a writer who ate too many oranges. #StickyKeyboards #TheyDon'tTellYouThat

Lost count of what day

45k. My poor fingers.

Writing frenzy: Day 7

About 25k words written. One challenge already reached the minimum amount of words and is not even done like a third of the way. Jeez, this thing will be at least 80k words once it's finished.

Note to self

Never write two challenge fics, one very large scale and another fic series at the same time. Just don't.  You won't have peace for sleeping, eating or doing anything other than being inspired to write stuff for one or the other.
Writing frenzy: Day 5, output rate: 15k words so far.